What does the NYWC-LEF partnership mean for members and donors?


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Existing programs by our dedicated staff in safe, accessible spaces for women and their children continue unchanged. Funder and partner agreements are maintained; staff and board members continue in their roles. Donations continue to go directly to programming and supports for women.

The partnership with LEF enables NYWC to maintain its identity as a women’s resource centre, while expanding the reach of its programming to include education, training and employment services, and strengthen linkages to vital supports, such as childcare and food security.

The move has facilitated outreach to new communities of women who benefit from NYWC services. Women in North and West Toronto are now more effectively linked to what they need to be successful.

We thank all of the members, donors, participants and volunteers who have guided our transition and look forward to welcoming you in our new space.

Contact us at 416.781.0479, email (info@nywc.org) and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

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