The Redwood Mobile Healing Centre at NYWC

Mobile Healing Centre

The Redwood Mobile Healing Centre, a fully outfitted RV with a medical exam room and a client consultation area, will be on-site to deliver primary and mental health supports to women, trans and non-binary folks around gender-based violence, mental health, primary health care, sexual health, and maternal/infant care. Call 416-781-0479 for information and to book an appointment.

Specifically, the following services will be provided:
* Crisis intervention, including safety assessment and risk management
* Trauma-informed counselling and support
* Case management, referrals and service coordination
* Transitional support and services
* Basic primary healthcare: health assessment and education, reproductive and sexual wellness support, and sexual assault counselling
* Depending on availability, access to items to support with essential needs, such as menstrual products, hygiene supplies, grocery gift cards, PPE, and sexual health products


Oct 26 2023


11:30 am - 2:00 pm