An Update On NYWC’s Project To Help Service Providers Tackle Gender-Based Violence, Safely

Focus Group

Our project team reports on the initiative’s progress.

This past March, NYWC announced the launch of The Ending Gender-Based Violence by Strengthening the Digitization of Services project. The goal of this project is to develop, pilot and disseminate tools and strategies that help service providers support women survivors via easy-to-use digital services that don’t compromise privacy or security. 

Key aspects of this work include the engagement of community partners, including service providers and service recipients with lived experience, to build on existing capacities, knowledge, experience, and resources. For example, we recently held our first series of focus group sessions with these key stakeholders on August 11, to collect vital information that will help guide our research direction and final deliverables. 

Even at this early stage, the insights from the consultations reinforce the importance of this initiative in helping to reduce gender-based violence while keeping those providing and receiving support safe. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Women and Gender Equality, which has made this work possible.

In terms of next steps for the project, we will be pooling the preliminary interview data to help guide the analysis and the ongoing literature review. Further consultation sessions will also be scheduled as stakeholders reach out. To find out more about the project, contact Iris Fabbro at or 416-970-0716. The work is anticipated to wrap up in December 2023, so be sure to follow our newsletters and social media for updates as we go along.

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