Become An NYWC Member

There are many ways to help NYWC help women in Toronto, including donations, volunteering, interning, joining the board of directors and becoming an NYWC member.

Please consider becoming a NYWC member to demonstrate your support for our mission, vision, values and guiding principles. Your membership enables us to continue opening doors for women and increases our capacity to support women to make positive changes in their lives.

In keeping with our commitment to accessibility, membership is FREESimply fill out the membership form to join.


How NYWC Members Help

Membership is vital to our accountability. You can be a member if you are a current or former program participant, service user, volunteer, donor, or a member of the general public who supports our mission and vision. We depend on our members for leadership and direction and rely on them for our accountability. Members align themselves with NYWC’s work to advance equality and empower women.


Membership is a very important component of not-for-profit corporations and one that is frequently misunderstood. North York Women’s Centre (NYWC) is incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act. Under the Act, NYWC has the discretion to define, in our by-laws, who can be a member and under what conditions. A member is a person or organization that has been accepted as a member by our Board of Directors. The Board considers membership applications regularly, usually in June and October of each year.

The Rights of NYWC Members

As a member of NYWC, you will have rights, including the right to:

  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting and other general members’ meetings;
  • Receive notice of members’ meetings;
  • Request that a members’ meeting be called, or call one yourself if directors fail to;
  • Elect directors, nominate a member or run for election yourself;
  • Approve and confirm by-laws;
  • Receive financial statements and the auditor’s report;
  • Appoint the auditor;
  • Approve fundamental changes such as a change to the objects and purposes of the Corporation; and
  • Be kept informed through Annual Reports and newsletters.

Please reach out to us at or 416-781-0470 if you have any questions about membership. Please note that, as a member, NYWC might be required to share your name with other members. Contact us for details.

Become an NYWC Member

Accessibility of Our Women’s Programs

North York Women’s Centre recognizes the dignity and worth of all people and is committed to providing services fairly and equitably. NYWC strives to be accessible to all women and gender-diverse people regardless of their race, ancestry, colour, creed, ethnicity, place of origin, citizenship, immigration status, age, disability, sexual orientation, receipt of public assistance, political affiliation, religious affiliation, literacy level, language and/or socio-economic status. We aim to create a harmonious environment free from discrimination, harassment and hate.

Talk with us about accommodations you need to participate fully in our programs and services.