What Women Say About NYWC

How NYWC Helps Women

Through its women’s groups, skill-building workshops, drop-in lounge and 1:1 support services, NYWC empowers women in Toronto and supports their understanding of women’s rights, social justice, violence against women, job readiness, local services and much more. Post-program surveys reveal that NYWC participants feel more confident in their ability to make positive changes in their life, set goals and speak up for themselves, for instance. (To find out about some of our upcoming programs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and sign up for newsletter reminders.)

Read a sampling of what NYWC participants have to say below, plus find out how to share your NYWC feedback further down the page!

“It was so important for me that North York Women’s Centre was there at a time in my life when I needed support more than I knew.”

"The course I took was well designed and provided good insight into the rights of women to have power and control over their lives, regardless of their age, ethnicity or socio-economic background. I was empowered to be with a group of women from diverse backgrounds who shared similar life struggles and were motivated to enhance their functioning, emotional health and well-being. The facilitators were very professional and were always respectful to participants.  Ample opportunity was provided to each participant to express their life situation. I feel I am more equipped to take control of my life by setting goals and taking actionable measures to achieve them."

“Honestly, the virtual delivery was fabulous. Although we logged in remotely, we all still felt connected to the group. Wonderful group leaders too. Great online library and resources.”

"NYWC created a safe, patient, honest and open space that allowed me to feel valued, heard and seen. I appreciated the diverse backgrounds and ages of all the participating women, including the facilitators."

“I owe it to North York Women’s Centre for reminding me of my worth and my talent and to seek my dreams.”

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“I was in a very difficult position in life. I had been abused by my husband up to the point that I had to leave to a shelter. I was a newcomer in Canada with precarious status and I was a single mum with one young child and another one on the way. I felt alone, I felt afraid and I felt inadequate. I was completely lacking self-esteem. I didn’t know if I could make it on my own and I was completely overwhelmed… Now, I’m feeling so grateful that my life is so much better than before I went to North York Women’s Centre. Now I feel that I am not alone, I’m not afraid and I can do anything I want.”

“I came across NYWC at difficult time in my life and received many gifts from the first time I stepped through its doors. I had the opportunity to participate in a community that supports women to develop their interpersonal and professional skills as well providing many services/referrals to other organizations in the GTA.  I have taken the enhanced skills I have gained into my career and volunteer positions.  NYWC has opened many doors for me and many women in North York and GTA.”

"The pandemic left me crying and feeling lonely and depressed sometimes, but the group reminded me that I am not alone. Another participant had cancer, too, and through this lounge we were able to share our experiences and ideas. The fellowship and camaraderie I felt in the group alleviated those feelings of despair with laughter and friendship. I looked forward to each meeting as a special blessing to me."

“NYWC has been a consistent support to women in the community, through its programming. It has empowered women, helped them connect and develop support and friendships. It has been a quiet presence for many years, doing amazing work.”

“I’ve found a real safe place in NYWC that’s allowed me to develop some strategic and life altering skills without fear of exposure or threat of exclusion. On the contrary, I have become more active in the programs and activities due to the trust and discretion they offer. Participants are from all walks of life and NYWC offers a non-exclusive environment which is comfortable and encouraging.”

“To many of the women that come through the doors of the NYWC, the groups allow them to be reminded of their strengths and that it is THEIR courage that keeps them afloat and resilient in everyday life. What can we do to promote such positive transformation in the lives of mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, daughter – WOMEN? NYWC's programs are the answer!”

"I learned a lot. I felt supported. I feel empowered being a woman. I am so grateful for NYWC. I am so happy that this support system is available, especially when it’s so hard to heal from pain and past traumatic events."

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"From the beginning, I felt welcomed. I am just full of gratitude. The window of my mind has started to open up. I feel the fresh breeze of change. It's a start of new things for me, and l am grateful to the staff, the women and the facilitators who traveled with me in the Asserting Ourselves program. Thank you."

“Strong women make strong communities. The work NYWC does in strengthening and supporting women is really key to developing resilient communities. And they do an excellent job. We need more centres and people like those at NYWC.”

“The North York Women’s Centre helped me cope with the tragic consequences of the past and understand my recovering progressive position in the present. I can look forward to real relationship communication in the future, which will forge a pathway to happiness thanks to the wonderful women at the NYWC.”

“For a few weeks, you were family.”

“I am very thankful the Centre is here and I appreciate the service. It is too hard to do on my own and I can’t afford to pay. The staff and volunteers are really helpful, professional and focused. They helped me put things into perspective and move forward.”

“I really enjoyed being part of the NYWC and learned a lot from it. I got some good practical advice and support. It gave me insight into my problems and tools to change and improve myself. I have increased my self esteem, am starting to accept myself and generally feel good.”

"Thank you so much for providing an open and most importantly, a judgement-free zone for all of us to truly be ourselves — wherever we are in our journey. I appreciate all of your efforts and dedication to making a difference in our lives."

"You gave a platform for us to speak openly and expressed compassion and empathy at the appropriate moments. You also shared about your own life experiences and journeys."

“I first went to North York Centre as a participant and found their programs empowering. I later went on to become more active in the centre as a facilitator and as a board member. But great places like this can only stay great when people have opportunities to continually grow and rejuvenate. This has a 'pay it forward' impact on the clients.”

“NYWC is an organization which enables women to support each other and comfort each other in a safe and accepting environment. It is amazing how resilient and resourceful women prove to be once they have the trust and support of their peers! Their groups have always shown a complete transformation, empowerment, the return of ‘the sparkle’ in women's eyes and exchange of valuable experiences and fresh points of view.”

“As a woman who has been through NYWC’s program, I would like to share how this one experience has opened many other doors for myself. The first door was one of rebuilding my own sense of self and identity, the second door, the opportunity to pass on what I learned to other women, and the third door is the conviction to continue my passion for advocacy and social justice by returning to school full time in the area of Social Service Worker. It is my observation that NYWC takes the position that women are powerful and if given resources, we will and can excel, and that systemic barriers must be challenged.”

“With individual support and group sessions I can begin to heal. THANK YOU, NYWC!”

“I believe in and support North York Women’s Centre. It provides excellent opportunities for women to be provided with exceptional skills to give back to the community. It is also wonderful for women to develop self confidence to enhance skills which leads to greater opportunities.”

“Keep offering the virtual options and keep expanding the online library. Thank you also for arranging the dietitian webinar, the Montreal Massacre Memorial and the discussion on the importance of remembering and recognizing the ongoing violence against women.”

"You listened to our needs and worries and worked with us. It was really nice to talk to people that related to my fears. Thanks for all you do!"

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