Do you know women who need free programs?

North York Women's Centre Brochure Outlining Free Programs for Women in Toronto

Please share our new brochure, which outlines our services and resources for women and gender-diverse people.

At North York Women’s Centre, we are always trying to find new ways to let people know about our resources, social gatherings and safe, supportive and free programs created by women, for women. We’re hoping that you can help us spread the word, too! For example, please share the brochure below if you know a woman or gender-diverse person who:

“Sharing our brochure via email with other people and organizations can make such a difference,” says Iris Fabbro, NYWC’s Executive Director. “There are so many women that could benefit from our programs, but may not be aware that we’re here to help.”

2023 brochure for North York Women's Centre free women's programs and services.
North York Women's Centre free women's programs and services - 2023 brochure.

Feeling inspired? Read testimonials from NYWC participants, sign up for free NYWC women’s programs or consider making a donation to help us help more women. Thank you!

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