Looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities in Toronto?

Raise your hands if you're looking for meaningful volunteer work that helps women in Toronto?

Volunteer with NYWC and help empower women.

If you have ever Googled, “volunteer opportunities near me,” and NYWC came up, you’re in the right place. At North York Women’s Centre, we value the efforts of volunteers who help with our programming, events, activism, fundraising and much more. We are grateful for the new volunteers we bring in each year, as well as for the long-term volunteers who have helped us empower woman-identifying and gender-diverse people over many years.

“Our volunteers are some of our best ambassadors and biggest supporters,” says Madeline Lemire, NYWC’s Manager of Volunteer Resources. “They have helped us sort through donations, helped make our educational events a success and are an essential part of hosting our weekly Women’s Lounge events.”

She adds that NYWC is currently looking for volunteers who are interested in helping with 1:1 Support Services during office hours at 116 Industry Street. This is a great chance for dedicated volunteers to assist service users and connect them with community resources. (Click here to sign up for NYWC volunteer opportunities.)

The benefits of volunteering

Volunteer work doesn’t just build new skills and connections – it can also boost your self-esteem, sense of purpose and health. The Mayo Clinic, for example, cites research indicating that volunteering can lower stress, anxiety and depression and increase life satisfaction. After all, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re helping others while forging new friendships and experience.

Consider what volunteer Amany Mohamad Ali says: “What I like about volunteering for the North York Women’s Centre is the wonderful, understanding and encouraging staff, the friendly atmosphere, and the exceptional services with amazingly relevant and supportive programming dedicated to empowering women.”

How volunteers help NYWC

Volunteers at North York Women’s Centre donate their time, expertise and talent to help women, both in-person at our Toronto location, as well as via online programs and events. For instance, you can:

  • Offer your time and skills to help us deliver motivating programs and services;
  • Leverage your voice and networks to support our fundraising and activism;
  • Promote sound governance, advance our mission and keep our organization grounded in community by joining our Board of Directors;
  • Share your expertise at an in-person or virtual program or event;
  • Reach out to women in need in the community;
  • Act as an ambassador for NYWC, promoting confidence and trust in our work; and
  • Participate in our student placement program.

How to volunteer for North York Women’s Centre

We are excited to bring on more volunteers than ever before to help Toronto women in 2023 and beyond. Our volunteers reflect the diversity of our participants, because NYWC strives to be accessible to all women and gender-diverse people regardless of their race, immigration status, age, ability, sexual orientation or socio-economic status. If you’re interested in working with NYWC on a volunteer basis, reach out to us to see what volunteer opportunities are currently available!

Feeling inspired? Read testimonials from NYWC participants, sign up for free NYWC women’s programs or consider making a donation to help us help more women. Thank you!

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