Why Giving Donations As Gifts Matters

Learn why donation gifts help NYWC and gift recipients!

Make the holidays more meaningful with a charitable donation.

Are you thinking of giving charitable donations as gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other December celebrations? It’s a smart and thoughtful idea, especially given research indicating that North Americans waste billions of dollars each year on unwanted presents. Instead, you can share the warm glow of knowing that your charitable gift helped someone in need. When you donate to North York Women’s Centre in honour of a friend, for example, you’re helping to support and empower women who often have nowhere else to turn.

“Isolation, job loss, food insecurity and increased rates of gender-based violence have made this a very challenging year for many Toronto women and mothers,” says Iris Fabbro, Executive Director of NYWC. “Your donation gift helps us offer support, friendship and empowering skills to help lift up vulnerable women.”

That sobering reality, along with data that as many as 47% of Canadians would prefer a charitable gift rather than a traditional present, underscores how valuable an NYWC donation gift can be.

How do I give a donation as a gift?

Offering a meaningful donation gift to a friend is as simple as visiting the NYWC donation page.

Start by filling out the donation form and checkmark the “Dedicate your donation” box when you get to it. Then, select “In honour of” so you have the option to send your loved one an eCard informing them of your gift. You can also opt to skip the eCard and tell the gift recipient about the donation yourself.

You’ll feel good about a donation that allows NYWC to provide one-on-one support to hundreds of isolated and at-risk women, as well as offer group programs that build self reliance, job readiness and more.

How do I ask for donations as gifts?

It may feel impolite to tell people what you want for the holidays, but your friends and family will appreciate giving you something that you really value as opposed to another candle or itchy sweater. In addition to sharing your charity of choice for holiday gifts, it’s increasingly common to share your chosen charity for occasions throughout the year. Many people create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook, for example. (Please follow NYWC on Facebook while you’re at it!)

Why people make NYWC donations as gifts.

Our donors like supporting NYWC because we’re a feminist organization that works to advance equality and help women create positive change in their lives. (It’s nice to know that donations are tax deductible, too.)

Some generous souls have even created ongoing funds. The Hebdon family encourages friends and family to make gift donations to the Batya Hebdon Memorial Fund at NYWC, for instance. This fund honours the memory of Batya Hebdon, an NYWC volunteer who passed away.

“Volunteering gave my mother a strong sense of purpose, so we reached out to NYWC to see how we could honour her,” says her daughter, Sheri Hebdon. “The Batya Hebdon Memorial Fund provides direct support to front-line empowerment programs and aligns with Batya’s core values to speak out against injustice and reduce barriers for others. Now, I’m a mother of three in my late 40s, and although my children never met my mother, the NYWC Batya Hebdon Memorial Fund helps them to understand her a little bit better.” 

You or your family can also create an ongoing fund for people to donate to during the holidays and throughout the year. Email Iris Fabbro to find out more.

Making the winter brighter for isolated women.

For many of us, “celebrating the holidays” means gathering with family and seeing friends at parties. But if you’re a woman alone who is new to Canada and still learning English, this winter may feel far less festive. Women and mothers who can’t pay the bills or who are trying to leave an abusive relationship will also struggle in the coming months.

When you donate to North York Women’s Centre in honour of a friend, or ask for donation gifts yourself, you’re enabling us to assist these women. What a meaningful way to celebrate the spirit of the season!

Curious about NYWC? Read about our organization, guiding principles and team members, bookmark our volunteering page and connect with us!

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